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/u:bæ∫Ik/[n] The greatest, most superlative of its kind;[n] Elegant and stylist;[n] amalgation of German-Franco lexicon, describing hypercool translinguistic supracultural phenomenon.

Sunday, January 23, 2005
I got my electric guitar yesterday. Whoo Hoo!

It's a lakeblue Kramer Focus. It's no Fender, but it's a good enough Stratocaster for me to mess around with. Now I just gotta work on getting pedals and a good amp. Heh.

Last week, while stuck in my BRONCO overlooking my (phony) minecluster, I kept trying to properly articulate what is popularly termed the "ORD mood". My way of finding some closure to this Army experience. You'll find these thoughts in another blog entry, I hope.

This week looks ok. There's only a joint exercise with the Bruneiens to be worried about. And there's LTM and MTM to look forward to. I also hope I'll have the time to finish up Leviticus and start on Ezra-Nehemiah.

OK, before you go, take a look at this:

1. Grow my hair long.
2. Tune up my guitaring.
3. Learn Biblical Hebrew.
4. Learn Biblical Greek.
5. Find another church in USA.

Any other suggestions?

Tuesday, January 11, 2005
My Operationally-Ready Date: 9th April 2005.

2 years and 1 months in the Army. What have I to show for it?

Welcome to the first blog entry in my twenty-first year of existence.

The light is pouring in as I hurtle towards the end of the proverbial tunnel that is the Army. But hey, it's still a pain. I'm heading out into the field for the next 2 days, and will spend the next two weeks after that eating more dust and sniffing in all the longchained polymers they stuff into paint markers. Grunt. Fighting this ATEC sucks big time.

But hey, I still thank God. It's as if for my whole whole tour in the Army, I've always got unfinished business to keep me on my toes. I was fretting over my university applications earlier, and I can't take a breather now that ATEC occurs just before I start to clear leave. God-given purpose that keeps me from rotting into an idler.

Youth Camp, SLR and the YAF Retreat was a hat-trick of deep reflection and precious time spent with the Bible. Of late I've realised how important it is to foster relationships within the church. Friends: one of the ways God speaks to us. And slowly I'm also realising how much I've taken friends for granted, given that I've got over 8 months left before I leave for the States.

Speaking of the States, Kangyi managed to hook the 2 of up with this group of Brown students back for the hols. We met up with them last weekend, a sociable and intelligent bunch of 2 undergrads and a grad student. Their portrait of Brown life sounds, for the lack of a better word, interesting, what with "naked doughnuts" and S.P.G. parties. No. Don't ask. You rather not know.

OK. This saturday, I'm gonna get my acoustic sixstring. This guitarlust must be sated.

P.S. Thanks to all my friends (many of whom I rarely meet up with) who apparently are regulars in this little cosy (but admittedly dingy) cybercorner.