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/u:bæ∫Ik/[n] The greatest, most superlative of its kind;[n] Elegant and stylist;[n] amalgation of German-Franco lexicon, describing hypercool translinguistic supracultural phenomenon.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005
After falling asleep (again) in the neuro lecture on brain anatomy, I trudge to the mailroom, turn the combination cogs, flip open my pigeonhole.

To my great pleasurprise, the blue sheet I withdraw tells me I have a package waiting for me.

Yes, I have David Crowder*Band's latest release. It is a Beautiful Collision.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005
Seems like there's a whole lotta progress going on while I'm away from Singapore.

Sunday, September 18, 2005
Just got back from a nice Taiwan brunch. The taiwanese students here organised it and they fed us teochew porridge. Apparently they call it "shi fan"... oh well. It sure was nice to have some chinese food for once.

This morning I visited another church all the way out in East Greenwich. It's a 30 min drive from Brown down along the 195. Apparently it has one of those 'emergent' worship services, with funky music and lotsa visuals to appeal to younger generations, but that's in the evenings. I went to a nice, contemporary Sunday morning one.

The service is close to that in the Bible Church, and relatively more contemporary than the one I've been going to for the last 2 weeks, though the 5 of us managed to pop in and out without anyone taking notice that we were new there, save for a few young adults.

I guess I'll keep shopping round for a fellowship group and a church. Been making quite a few contacts within the Christian community here. I'll see where that takes me.

Oh well. I got a hebrew test tomorrow (think I got that one nailed), biostats homework, and physics lab PLUS homework.

Us Singapore students are having a mooncake party tonight. (yes, will post pics) Oh, and John Kerry's coming tomorrows afternoon.

How am I supposed to study?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005
I took a short walk down College Hill last Saturday evening with a few others to catch WaterFire. It's mesmerising.

There's musical accompaniment to the flames. Evocative. It's definitely not the last time I'm going down to the river.

By popular demand, another shot of myself. This time I'm at Convocation Fall 2005.

That was last Wednesday, the last day of August.

John Kerry's coming to Brown next Monday. I am so going for that. And if I can I'll post pics.

Friday, September 09, 2005
In the comlab now, printing out my Physics Lab manual and my schedules. It's free printing till the end of the month, so like any true-blue Singaporean, I'm just taking advantage of it.

I caught the Season 3 premier of The O.C. on the my neighbour's TV. It's a bit surreal, when you finally realise you are knee-deep in the culture that has flooded itself all over the world.

Picture this: a Singaporean ethnic Chinese staring at pretty faces alongside a blonde Caucasian and a Hispanic, his Hebrew textbook left lying idly on his dorm desk.

Being Singaporean's gotta be more than just spouting Singlish and being kiasu, right?

On another note, I got my iPod Mini! On the very day Apple announces the iPod nano.

Here's praying for blessings to be upon all those getting baptised in 12 hours' time back in Singapore. Post some pics for me!

OK. Gotta run to Physics lecture.

Sunday, September 04, 2005
Singaporeans are the 2nd largest group of international students on Brown, which now has free
Napster for ALL resdential students.

*big grin*

I went to church (Presbyterian, and PCA for the curious) today with Glenda, Ruomei and Kuk. I can see how much American 'churchianity' has influenced the changes wrought by soo yeong in our church. The Order of Service that we've been doing for the past several months I witnessed exactly over here.

So I've been sleeping too little, jogging too hard, and worrying a bit too much. But I'm doing fine, and I think I'll enjoy classes here, and I know I can handle the work.

I just got back from this last mandatory Class Meeting. They got this rape victim to speak to us. She told us the heartbreaking story with enough detail. She directly addressed the guys.

"Don't brush me off."

We gave her a standing ovation at the end.

Saturday, September 03, 2005
OK. Just gonna stick in one post before I head out for the next mandatory (but wholly undesirable) class meeting with Prof John Wideman to discuss his book Philadelphia Fire.

I'm really loving it here in Brown. My week filled up by itself even though the orientation program died down after Thursday. I spent a good part of last evening prepping for our residential Unit Wars, and all the girls just freely chipped in all the ideas they had.

Then we headed out to the big talent night on College Green, where freshies went up on stage and displayed all their manifold talent and sense of humour. There were poetry readings, band performances, rapping and tap dancing. It felt bohemian and juvenile all at once.

I still get a bit zonked-out in the afternoon and night. I suspect it's residual jetlag. Oh well.

Classes start next Tuesday. Pretty excited about my courses:
1. Intro to Neuroscience.
2. Introductory Physics.
3. Intro to Biostats. (a grad level course, mind you!)
4. Introducing Biblical Hebrew. (woot!!)

And I'm bringing my roomie and ruomei to louis' church tomorrow.

Let me hear it: Oh-nine!