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/u:bæ∫Ik/[n] The greatest, most superlative of its kind;[n] Elegant and stylist;[n] amalgation of German-Franco lexicon, describing hypercool translinguistic supracultural phenomenon.

Monday, November 28, 2005
Check this out.

Ladies. You will never view any conversation with a guy the same way again.

my fave site for wallpapers these days:


Thursday, November 24, 2005
It snowed last night.

happy thanksgiving!

Monday, November 21, 2005

By the Newport shore, overlooking the Atlantic waters.

The fantastic mansions lining the cliff coasts. A portal to England.

Saturday, November 19, 2005
So I went to catch the premier Harry Potter's 4th cinematic installment at midnight this past Thursday.

Until hither time, I was a Potter virgin. I had never felt the enchantment of the boy-wizard tug at my artistic sensibilities, and my worldview definitely biased me against the frivolous use of witchcraft in mass entertainment. I trudged out into the 1 deg cold to the cineplex simply because most of my dorm went.

Well, Harry Potter 4 wasn't that bad at all. I liked the Russian Sub references, although there was considerable time spent documenting the hot and heavy glances between the adolescent boys and girls.

Rowling's tale is well-written and carefully plotted, though its immense popularity belies a greater truth, that we have treated matters of the occult lightly, nothing more than mere moviestoff and popcorn entertainment.

I could have done without Potter IV. (Although a midnight show was a nice break from school.)

Friday night after CHC I got to see My Sassy Girl. What a screwball (but ultimately touching) comedy. In a swanky condo-ful of 8 Brown students, 6 of them (all Asians) had seen it multiple times, leaving me and the sole Caucasian (from good 'ole Georgia) to experience the humour for the first time.

That late-night movie sent me to bed at 2a.m., but I still struggled up at 8am this morning to run over to Newport and explore the Rhode Island coast. Pictures, I hope, will be up before Thanksgiving.

One heckuva weekend. And I haven't even gotten to Thanksgiving yet.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

legends of the fall.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005
David Crowder*Band live in Worcester. It rawked.

They shared the stage with Shane and Shane (who seems to be rather hot this side of the ocean) and Robbie Seay Band (who the heck are they?)

That's David with a keytar. Seriously. It even spat out a "phat beat".

Katrina and Victoria standing with me for 3 hours. Kat instigated the push forward from lousy balcony seating to standing room squeeze.

Post-concert picture-taking.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005
So yesterday I got another package in the mail. Ravi Zacharias' new book, The Lamb and The Fuhrer. He imagines this conversation between Christ and a post-suicide Hitler in the Judgement court of heaven, and somewhere halfway he throws Dietrich Bonhoeffer into the fray, among other witnesses like Albert Speer, a German soldier, and a concentration camp inmate.

I burned through the 86-page book in 90 minutes. Ravi goes through quite a few issues here, making it by far the most ambitious of his Great Conversations series.

Among other things, Jesus and Hitler talk about the separation of church and state (where I think Ravi fills in his own interpretation), the mechanics of deathbed forgiveness, the grounds for anti-Semitism, justification for taking a life, and of course, the true value of human life itself.

After diving into such a heady pool of philosophy, I rushed out for a lecture by Nobel laureate Sir Harold Kroto, famous for discovering buckyballs, otherwise known as C-60.

He was intelligently humourous, and made creative use of Powerpoint's paltry sound and animation features to explain his discovery of buckminsterfullerene. Apparently the younger Sir Kroto was an aspiring artist, and he took the time to present some of his artwork.

This man is passionate about scientific illiteracy and environmental causes, and he obviously still has a passion for his work. It is always an experience to hear about a great discovery from the one who discovered.

And I got to shake his hand. So there, I've shaken the hand of a Nobel laureate.