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/u:bæ∫Ik/[n] The greatest, most superlative of its kind;[n] Elegant and stylist;[n] amalgation of German-Franco lexicon, describing hypercool translinguistic supracultural phenomenon.

Monday, March 31, 2008
I am back from a week from Mexico. This marks a return to blogging after a 3 month hiatus. I wonder if anyone, apart from family and close friends, still reads my blog.

I went grocery shopping with Scott, Nasta and Deniece today, and apart from several $0.99 frozen dinners, I acquired 2 new DVDs - Broken Flowers and Gosford Park, both of which I have never had the opportunity to view.

I buy DVDs of movies that I have never watched. I find this practice runs contrary to how my peers purchase their DVDs. Unlike your average US college student, I find very little pleasure in bringing home from Blockbuster a film I've seen before, no matter how highly I view the movie.

Here's my reasoning. I usually buy DVDs of critically-acclaimed movies that are on sale and are heavily discounted. This restricts my choice to any major movie not released in the past 2 years. Such a long period of time allows a substantial amount of both professional and amateur criticism to consolidate online, allowing me to make a better decision about whether a movie is worth keeping.

I would like to continue to extend this principle to the ever-elusive matters of the heart, but I need to sleep. Perhaps tomorrow I shall do so.